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Battery Cable

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United Lead Free Battery Cable

United Motor Products manufactures and distributes high quality OEM replacement ignition and engine management products. Their products cover a wide range of industries including Automotive, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural markets. United Motor Products has provided these industries with quality products for over 30 years. Included in their product offerings are a ?green? battery cable program, ignition, engine management and sensor product lines. All products are made of the highest quality premium materials, to provide maximum performance and longevity in the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • United Battery cables do not contain lead in their terminals
  • All terminals are tin coated brass and eliminate corrosion
  • Jacketing material insulates against voltage loss and maintains flexibility from -58? to +221?
  • 100% copper conductor ensures low resistance and up to 60 volts of current flow
  • Assembled to meet SAE J1127 & SAE J378 specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers specifications

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Application Summary

1978-1984 Subaru Brat (Positive); 1976-1979 Subaru DL (Positive); 1979 Subaru FE (Positive); 1976-1979 Subaru GF (Positive); 1979-1985 Subaru GL (Positive); 1977-1979 Subaru Standard (Positive); 1985 Subaru XT (Positive); 1983-1985 Renault Alliance (Positive); 1984-1986 Renault Encore (Positive); 1977-1984 Renault LeCar (Positive); 1981-1982 Renault R18i (Positive); 1969-1970 Renault R16 (Positive); 1983-1985 Volvo 760 (Positive); 1981-1989 Isuzu I-Mark (Positive); 1985-1989 Isuzu Impulse (Positive); 1981 Isuzu Pickup (Positive); 1966 Chrysler Imperial (Positive); 1970 Dodge Polara (Positive); 1984-1986 Dodge Conquest (Positive); 1980 Dodge B100 (Positive); 1981-1982 Dodge B150 (Positive); 1980 Dodge B200 (Positive); 1981-1982 Dodge B250 (Positive); 1980 Dodge B300 (Positive); 1981-1982 Dodge B350 (Positive); 1970-1973 Dodge Challenger (Positive); 1970-1973 Dodge Charger (Positive); 1976-1988 Dodge Colt (Positive); 1970-1976 Dodge Coronet (Positive); 1973-1975 Dodge Dart (Positive); 1990-1991 Eagle Summit (Positive); 1970-1973 Plymouth Barracuda (Positive); 1970 Plymouth Belvedere (Positive); 1971-1972 Plymouth Satellite (Positive); 1980 Plymouth PB100 (Positive); 1981 Plymouth PB150 (Positive); 1980 Plymouth PB200 (Positive); 1981-1983 Plymouth PB250 (Positive); 1980 Plymouth PB300 (Positive); 1981-1983 Plymouth PB350 (Positive); 1998 Plymouth Neon (Positive); 1976-1978 Plymouth Arrow (Positive); 1979-1982 Plymouth Champ (Positive); 1975 Plymouth Fury (Positive); 1978-1983 Plymouth Sapporo (Positive); 1970-1976 Plymouth Valiant (Positive); 1976 Buick Opel (Positive); 1965-1966 Buick Electra (Positive); 1963-1966 Buick Riviera (Positive); 1964-1967 Buick Skylark (Positive); 1967-1968 Chevrolet Chevy II (Positive); 1970 Chevrolet Caprice (Positive); 1970 Chevrolet Impala (Positive); 1970 Chevrolet Nova (Positive); 1990-1991 Geo Metro (Positive); 1989-1992 Geo Prizm (Positive); 1967-1968 Oldsmobile Toronado;…