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United Coil On Plug Coils

United Motor Products manufactures and distributes high quality OEM replacement ignition and engine management products. Their products cover a wide range of industries including Automotive, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural markets. United Motor Products has provided these industries with quality products for over 30 years. Included in their product offerings are a ?green? battery cable program, ignition, engine management and sensor product lines. All products are made of the highest quality premium materials, to provide maximum performance and longevity in the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • The outer shells of the epoxy filled coils are made with a high dielectric strength glass-filled PBT polymer that helps prevent current grounding associated with lower quality plastics used for economy grade coils
  • By using only the highest quality housing materials, the housing integrity is maintained throught the thermo-shock testing procedures
  • United only uses virgin copper for the coil windings. There is no recycled copper as used in inferior quality brands.
  • Copper windings match OEM configuration to ensure proper dwell chracteristics required by the ECM
  • Virgin wire ensures the lowest porosity possible to maintain a consistent current flow throughout the electro magnetic process of the coil.
  • The wire is coated with a high strength enamel, to prevent shorts between the windings. This is extremely important when the vehicle’s ignition system is under extreme ignition load
  • Hard magnets are used to maintain the consistant polarity needed to ensure continuity of voltage flow from the primary through the secondary side of the coil.
  • High dielectric strength epoxy is drawn into the housing under vacuum, to ensure there are no air gaps between the windings. The use of the highest quality epoxy and the vacuum draw-down procedure, prevents the thermal-shock breakdown of the epoxy.
  • With these processes and procedures, along with the highest quality raw material available, you can be assured United coils provide the highest spark energy, maintain reliability and have an extended coil life

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Application Summary

2016 BMW 228i; 2010-2015 BMW 750i xDrive; 2010-2015 BMW 750Li xDrive; 2010-2015 BMW 550i GT; 2016-2017 BMW 535i GT; 2011-2015 BMW Alpina B7L; 2011-2013 BMW 335is; 2011-2012 BMW 740Li; 2011-2015 BMW Alpina B7 xDrive; 2011-2015 BMW Alpina B7L xDrive; 2011-2016 BMW 550i xDrive; 2016-2017 BMW 535i GT xDrive; 2010-2016 BMW 550i GT xDrive; 2002-2018 BMW 320i; 2007-2011 BMW 323i; 2006 BMW 325Ci; 2006-2010 BMW 325i; 2006 BMW 325xi; 2007-2016 BMW 328i; 2007-2018 BMW 330i; 2006-2009 BMW 525i; 2008-2016 BMW 528i; 2005-2009 BMW 530i; 2008-2010 BMW 535i; 2011-2015 BMW 740i; 2002-2003 BMW 745Li; 2009-2015 BMW 760Li; 2001-2018 BMW M3; 2013-2016 BMW M5; 2012-2016 BMW M6; 2007-2019 BMW X5; 2011 BMW 1 Series M; 2016-2018 BMW 640i; 2012-2016 BMW 650i xDrive; 2016-2018 BMW X1; 2016-2019 BMW 640i Gran Coupe; 2006-2016 BMW Z4; 2013-2016 BMW 650i Gran Coupe; 2012-2016 BMW ActiveHybrid 5; 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid 7; 2014-2015 BMW 740Li xDrive; 2016-2018 BMW 320i xDrive; 2016-2018 BMW 640i xDrive; 2016-2019 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Coupe; 2016 BMW 428i; 2016 BMW 428i xDrive; 2016 BMW 328i GT xDrive; 2016 BMW 335i GT xDrive; 2014-2016 BMW M235i; 2016 BMW 228i xDrive; 2016 BMW M235i xDrive; 2007-2019 BMW X3; 2018 BMW X2; 2009-2015 BMW 750Li; 2009-2015 BMW 750i; 2006-2007 BMW 530xi; 2006-2007 BMW 525xi; 2009-2016 BMW 550i; 2012-2016 BMW 650i; 2007-2008 BMW 328xi; 2007-2012 BMW 335i; 2011-2015 BMW Alpina B7; 2008 BMW 528xi; 2008 BMW 535xi; 2007-2008 BMW 335xi; 2008-2013 BMW 128i; 2008-2010 BMW 135i; 2008-2019 BMW X6; 2009 BMW 335d; 2009-2016 BMW 528i xDrive; 2009-2016 BMW 535i xDrive; 2009-2016 BMW 328i xDrive; 2009-2011 BMW 335i xDrive; 2005-2007 BMW 120i; 2006-2010 BMW 130i; 2009-2010 BMW 125i; 2011-2013 Mini Cooper Countryman; 2007-2013 Mini Cooper; 2011-2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost; 2011-2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom