UMP Distributor Rotor – IR-811

Distributor Rotor

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United Distributor Rotors

United Motor Products manufactures and distributes high quality OEM replacement ignition and engine management products. Their products cover a wide range of industries including Automotive, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural markets. United Motor Products has provided these industries with quality products for over 30 years. Included in their product offerings are a ?green? battery cable program, ignition, engine management and sensor product lines. All products are made of the highest quality premium materials, to provide maximum performance and longevity in the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • PBT reinforced thermoplastic is filled with 20-30% nylon to ensure a high dielectric strength distributor cap that promotes an extended lifecycle
  • Precision machined solid brass contacts ensure correct spark gap to maitain accurate current flow
  • Stainless steel contact springs used where applicable to ensure positive contact with distributor cap
  • Shaft retention clips for secure fit where applicable
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM expectations for fit, form, and function

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Application Summary

1946-1947 Hudson Pickup; 1947 Hudson Super Series; 1946-1947 Hudson Commodore Series; 1942 Hudson Traveler Series 20 T; 1942 Hudson Super Series 21; 1942 Hudson Deluxe Series 20 P; 1941 Hudson Utility Series 10 C; 1941 Hudson Traveler Series 10 T; 1941 Hudson Super Series 11; 1941 Hudson Deluxe Series; 1941 Hudson Commodore Series 14; 1941 Hudson Commodore Series 12; 1941 Hudson Big Boy Series 18; 1940 Hudson Traveler Series 40 T; 1940 Hudson Super Series 41; 1940 Hudson Deluxe Series 45; 1940 Hudson Country Club Series 43; 1940 Hudson Country Club Eight Series 47; 1940 Hudson Big Boy Series 48; 1939 Hudson Series 92; 1939 Hudson Pacemaker Series 91; 1939 Hudson Country Club Series 95; 1939 Hudson Country Club Series 93; 1939 Hudson Big Boy Series 96; 1948-1949 Crosley Panel Delivery; 1947-1949 Crosley Pickup; 1949 Crosley Hot Shot; 1946-1949 Crosley Crosley; 1950-1952 Crosley Super; 1952 Crosley Super Shot; 1951 Crosley Super Sports; 1950 Crosley Standard; 1942 Willys 442; 1940-1941 American Bantam Model 65; 1936 Auburn Model 6-654; 1934 Auburn Model 652X; 1935 Auburn Model 6-653; 1938 Studebaker K5 Truck; 1939 Studebaker L5; 1941-1948 Studebaker M16; 1941-1948 Studebaker M17; 1946-1948 Studebaker Taxi; 1946 Studebaker Champion; 1941-1948 Studebaker M5; 1934-1937 Studebaker Dictator

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