UMP offers the highest quality ignition components for domestic, foreign and European applications. Ignition wire sets are exclusively made using Packard brand ignition wire and are custom tailored for fit and function. Electronic ignition components include coil on plug assemblies, control modules, coils, and conventional ignition products of professional grade quality, designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.  High Performance ignition products include distributors, wire sets, and electronic components for the true high performance enthusiast.

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Permashield – Delcore wire

The Packard Delcore wire was designed when HEI ignition was introduced in 1975 and utilized to the late 80’s The wire construction was developed to handle the high voltage output of the HEI ignition system. This wire is the base design of United’s Permashield wire. The Permashield Delcore wire is constructed of a dual EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) construction. This construction offer a superior flexibility, dielectric properties and excellent resistance to moisture; than other non EPDM cables.

Tri-Pak Program

A premium United-Packard OEM ignition wire set goes into every Tri-Pak tune up kit. This United-Packard wire set is the core of the Tri-Pak. Having United premium quality ignition wire set ensures that your tune up starts off on the right foot. Add in our heavy duty alkyd brass contact distributor cap and rotors, and you have all the right parts to make sure your vehicle will run at its peak performance.

United-Packard wire sets

OEM quality Oem Packard wire used in every set. With the correct booting and made in USA workmanship, there is no better wire set in the industry. Packard wire has been around for more than 90 years proving that its quality is second to none. Add in only the highest quality boots and terminals available and you have an ignition wire set built to last for the life of your vehicle.

Product Info

United SSC Premium wire

United’s premium lifetime wire sets utilize the two latest designs of Packard wire… An ALL silicone wire construction is used for all Wire sets in the United Premium wire line. Even the pre 1974 wire sets are 100{4311c083ff407488f0d45953a14b621cd09452bed18ec0962b959fb189040eb6} silicone.

SSC Dual CHT Core – Wire

This wire was designed by Packard in the late 1980’s. The core is constructed with a thick layer of carbon/latex extruded over the base high voltage carrying, Delcore core, that is used in the Permashield wire.

The result of this extra layer on production and conductivity, keeps the core flexible under extreme heat and aging conditions. This core is utilized on all sets except when the Ferrite based mag core is needed.

SSC Ferrite wire wound core

For the later applications from the late 1990’s to the present, GM developed a 1220ohm low resistance spiral wound, ferrite (instead of Carbon) base core. With the low resistance wire wound core, the ferrite base core is needed to suppress the RFI/EMI that can make today’s high tech engines run erratic.

The jacketing construction is a double layer of silicone separated by fiberglass/nylon matting. Withstanding the extreme heat in today’s engine compartments, is a must. GM still uses this construction today and United uses it where the applications are required.

Sensor Lines

OEM replacement engine mangement sensors are manufactured to OEM specifications to ensure your vehicle performs as it should. With all of our engine sensor product lines we have the coverage to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


We only produce the highest quality distributors in the business. Only the highest quality components go into each distributor. Our OEM replacement distributors are manufactured with all of the quality components and workmanship that go into our high performance distributors. With a fit and function that ensures your engine will run to its peak performance, you can be confident in installing one of our OEM fit distributors.  

Ignition components

OEM replacement ignition components are manufactured to OEM specifications to ensure your vehicle performs as it should. We offer everything from points and condensers to distributorless electronic control modules. Our OEM specified products ensure that you are installing the correct functioning part for your vehicle. When installing our SACM (Single Application Control Modules) control modules, you can be confidant that your car will run at its peak potential. The last thing you need is to install an inferior part that lasts only a short time or doesn’t ensure that your vehicle runs as it should.