Marine ignition wire and electronic ignition components. Custom applications available.  A quality low resistance high output wire specifically designed for marine applications. Exact fit and custom sets are integral to our program.

Mega-Mag wire sets

Exceeding OEM quality and specifications, makes using a United Marine Mega-Mag wire set, one of the best upgrades you can do for your engine.

OEM replacement wire limits the potential output of your engine. When you install a United Marine Mega-Mag wire set, you can be assured if its quality and performance gains. We use a proprietary core in our wire set, that delivers a hotter spark to each of the cylinders of your engine. With a 100% silicone dual jacketed wire, better than OEM booting and made in USA workmanship, there is no better wire set in the industry. Mega-Mag wire sets have made their mark on the industry for over 22 years, proving that its quality, is second to none.

Tri-Pak program

A tune-up in a box. Mega-Mag Tri-Pak tune up kits provide you with only the highest quality components available in the industry. Cap, rotor, ignition wire set, wire separators, wire ID markers are all included in this one package-one price, kit.

At United Marine, Mega-Mag wire set goes into every Tri-Pak tune up kit.  Add in the solid brass contact distributor cap and rotor and you have the finest ignition tune up kit in the industry.  This is the same wire set we have been selling for the past 22 years. This Mega-Mag wire set is the core of the Tri-Pak.  Do not chance an inferior wire set, cap or rotor when you do your engine tune up. Trust the name and quality preferred by marine mechanics for over 22 years.


Exceeding OEM replacement ignition components is a culture at United Marine. We only manufacture the highest quality parts for your vessel.  

We offer everything from points and condensers to distributorless electronic control modules. Our products meet, but usually exceed the OEM requirements of your engine. With application specific products, you can be assured that you are installing the correct functioning part for your vessel. The last thing you need is to install an inferior part that lasts only a short time or doesn’t ensure that your engine runs to its fullest potential. This is why installing a United Marine part on your engine, gives you the peace of mind that you are doing it right.

Engine Sensors

When manufacturing engine sensors, only the highest quality materials will do.  We manufacture to the specifications required by OEM.

With sensors being the communication link between your engine and computer system, it is imperative that the proper specifications are built into each sensor. Our sensors meet the exacting specifications of your OEM original equipment parts. With sensors controlling all of the functions of your engine today, you need the assurance that the parts you install will perform and give you peace of mind.


We only produce the highest quality distributors in the business. Only the highest quality componets go into each distributor.

Our OEM replacement distributors are manufactured with all of the quality components and wormanship that go into our high performance distributors. With a fit and function that ensures your engine will run to its best ability, you can be confident in installing one of our OEM fit distributors.