With the highest quality parts used in the manufacturing all of our products, you can be assured that our parts are of the highest quality in the industry.  With the ignition and engine management parts availability in the automotive aftermarket coming from only a few sources, your options for selection are limited.  Servicing the wholesale trade all the way through to retail, with United Motor Products’ 90 years of expertise, you can be assured that the quality ignition and engine management products for the automotive aftermarket, are the right fit for you.

UMP offers ignition components for domestic, foreign and European applications. Ignition wire sets are exclusively made using Packard brand ignition wire and are custom tailored to O.E. fit and function. Electronic ignition components include coil on plug assemblies, HEI and conventional products of professional grade quality, designed to exceed OEM specifications.  High Performance ignition products include distributors, wire sets, and electronic components for the true high performance enthusiast.